Thinking Of Getting A Pup

So here’s the deal: Koi Time is a lot of fun and I definitely enjoy spending time by myself, working on awesome online casino graphics. But I don’t get out to the pub nearly enough and it’s been quite some time since I dated. I can’t say that I miss the mess that comes from pub dating, but I do miss having somebody hanging around and telling me I look great or getting confused at my silly jokes.

So, in lieu of taking the bother to get out and about and make myself available, I’ve decided to get a pup. Or at least I’m debating it: London isn’t as dog-friendly as I’d like, so I’ve also been thinking a cat might be more appropriate. I dig both, so I’m really having a hard time making the decision here.

On the one hand, a Jack Russell Terrier (my absolute favorite breed of dog) is small, friendly, goofy, and more than happy to live in a flat. Mates of mine have been telling me “Get a Jackie!” for a few months now, and I’ve almost broke down a few times.

You look at the advantages of the dog, and they’re obvious: they love you no matter what, sit on your lap, sleep in bed with you, and don’t scratch up your house. But then you can’t go anywhere without taking them and they typically end up going on the carpet.

So I look at a cat and the advantages are obvious. They can be left alone for a long time and don’t need the kind of attention a dog requires. Potty training them is instant and some types are real buddies. But you get the wrong kind of cat, and you might end up with an out-of-control psycho that destroys your flat.

So what do you think? Should I just break down and get a dog or would a cat be a better investment? Just let me know in the comments. I promise to read them all.